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Aubergine Pasta A Scrumptious Delight!

  Serves: 4 Prep: 10min Cooking: 30min   This is a very typical Italian family dish when the aubergines are in season, perfectly accompanied by a mozzarella salad starter. Enjoyed both by children and adults because of its fragrant smell and unique taste. Prepare it for your family for a Sunday meal: I know they'll love it too! Ingredients 400g MAMMA FLORA Mezzi Paccheri 300 gr of cherry tomatoes or 2 jars of MAMMA FLORA handmade tomato sauce 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil 1 aubergine 1 1/2 cup of frying oil 1 garlic clove basil salt Tools: 1 Pot 2 Pans Kitchen paper Method: Let’s begin by washing the aubergines and drying them. Cut off the tops and bottoms and quarter the eggplant,...

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Quick Easy Fish Dinner

Serves: 2 Cooking: 15min Difficulty: easy This recipe gives a nice fragrant taste to a fish dinner and is perfect for the people that don't particularly like to eat fish but would yet like to include it in their meal plan.  Ingredients: Fish (sea bream or sea bass) Salt Pepper Rosemary Olive oil Lemon zest thyme Tools: 1 tray 1 pot Method: When talking about fish it is important that the first cardinal rule of success is fresh ingredients. For this specific platter, I suggest using a bluefish (Pesce Azzurro) which is a fish rich in Omega 3 and unsaturated fats, which is good for growth and cells reparations.   Turn on the oven at a heat of 180 degrees. Firstly, place...

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Antipasto Polenta Sticks

Serves: 6  Cooking: 15min Difficulty: easy This recipe is quick and delicious for these winter days. It combines together seasonal ingredients into a mouthwatering traditional Piedmontese polenta dish. Ingredients: 1 jar MAMMA FLORA sundried tomato pesto 1 sachet of instant polenta  Salt Pepper Rosemary Olive Oil Parmesan Tools: 1 pan 1 pot Baking Tray  Knife Method:   Firstly, make the polenta as per instructions depending on whether its instantaneous or not. Once the polenta is almost cooked add a bit of salt, pepper, parmesan and rosemary to give it an earthy flavour. Then, pour the hot polenta on a tray, and let it cool down. Once the dense polenta is cool cut it in stick looking shapes, preferably with a width...

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A Taste of Summer, Spaghetti alla Nerano

Prep: 30min Serves: 4 Difficulty: easy This dish was invented in 1952 by a restaurant called “Maria Grazia” in the beautiful bay of Nerano. The simplicity of this dish is the quintessence of our culinary tradition on the Amalfi Coast. There is only one main ingredient, the courgette and then the rest is done adding lots of parmesan and fresh basil. You will have a dish that tastes like summer! Mamma Flora’s Tip: when you chose the courgettes, make sure they are firm and not too watery. You can use other hard cheese than parmesan, like provolone for example, the method is always the same as per below. Ingredients: 4 medium sized courgettes 3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2 garlic cloves 500gr spaghetti...

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Strawberry Tiramisù

Prep: 20min but serve after 2hs Serves: 8 people Difficulty: easy By now you are all familiar with the Mamma Flora's classic tiramisù. This is an amazing summer version I have learnt from an old lady I met during a family gathering. Her tiramisù was soo delicious I ran to her asking for the recipe. Recipes are for sharing and she was so happy I asked for it.  Mamma Flora’s Tip: Leave the Tiramisù at least 2 hours in the fridge before serving, but if you want to serve a spectacular Tiramisù, make sure you prepare it the day before serving it, some dishes are better the day after. Ingredients: 500gr mascarpone 400g fresh strawberries 3 free range organic eggs 3 big juicy oranges 3...

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