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Linguine with Pumpkin Pesto and Toasted Pistachio

Serves: 2 Cooking: 15min Difficulty: easy Many of you have asked me to show some of my favourite recipes with the Mamma Flora new natural pesti. So here one with the Pumpkin Pesto. It's very quick but seriously taste. More ideas on how to use the new pesti coming! Ingredients: Linguine or spaghetti 200g  Mamma Flora Pumpkin Pesto a handful of shelled pistachio Extra virgin olive oil Salt Method: Cook the pasta in enough boiling water and salt it In the meantime in a pan toast the pistachio for 3-4 min (make sure they don't burn) then crushed them in small-medium pieces When the pasta is al dente, before draining, put aside some cooking water. Drain the pasta In a bowl, add the...

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Amatriciana, a hearty sauce

This is an Italian recipe I prepare when I want to give a kick to tomatoes sauce. It’s so easy and tasty, everybody loves it! It comes from Amatrice a city lately affected by a devastating earthquake. Many chefs decided to devolve all the money made from this dish in their restaurants to the beloved city. Preparation: 35min Serves: 4 People Difficulty: Easy Mamma Flora’s Tip: The original recipe requires Guanciale (cured cheek pork) instead of bacon and pecorino cheese. Ask for them in one of your local Italian delis. The type of pasta is very important for the success of the recipe, I usually use pasta made in Gragnano,  which stays al dente and doesn't break while cooking. You can use long pasta like...

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15min Carbonara

Serves: 1 Prep: 5min Cooking:10min Difficulty: easy Whenever I feel very hungry and have no time for cooking, carbonara comes in handy. It takes 10-15min to prepare and you have a scrumptious filling meal. The origin of this dish is obscure, we know it’s a typical meal from Rome and that there is no mention before the Second World War. However the theories of its origins are many, some say it is was the main meal of the charcoal workers, carbonari in Italian, others say that it was a tribute to a secret Italian society called i Carbonari. The theory I prefer the most, is linked to the American liberation of Rome in 1944, the young soldiers added their daily ration of eggs to an already existing...

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Pappardelle with mushrooms

Serves: 2 Prep: 10min Cooking: 10min Difficulty: easy October is a month full of flavour, walking in the markets you can find the first chestnuts, pumpkins, chicories, pomegranates... It’s the month of green leaves turning into red and yellow but most of all it’s the month of mushrooms. So here a delicious recipe that will make you fall in love with October Mamma Flora’s Tip: Drain the pasta directly into the sauce few minuted before the cooking time displayed on the package, toss until al dente Ingredients: 250gr chestnut mushrooms 200gr pappardelle 50ml cream 30gr butter 1 garlic clove 1 handfully of fresh flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped Salt and pepper Grated parmesan, if you like Tools: 1 pot 1 pan Method: Place a pot...

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Penne with creamy salmon

Serves: 1 Prep: 5min Cooking: 10min Difficulty: easy Lately I have been very busy with the launch of Mamma Flora sauces, going around London promoting them and delivering to customers. When I think I don't have enough time for cooking, I remember that in my family even on a stressful day, we would always find 15min to prepare a very comforting pasta. So for all of you that have little time for lunch or dinner but still want a warm meal at home, here's one of the quick dish I love the most: Penne with creamy salmon. It only takes 15min! Mamma Flora’s Tip: Drain the pasta directly into the sauce few minutes before the cooking time displayed on the package, toss until al dente Ingredients:...

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