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"Mushroom style" eggplant

Serves: 4 Prep: 10min Cooking: 30min This recipe is one of the most traditional side in the Neapolitan cuisine. The aubergines are deep fried and become of the colour of the mushrooms, hence the name "Melanzane a Funghetto". They are simply delicious! Mamma Flora's Tip: You can use the "mushroom style" aubergines as a sauce for the pasta, top it with some mozzarella and parmesan and the success is guaranteed! Ingredients: 3 aubergines 300 gr of cherry tomatoes 1 1/2 cup of frying oil 1 garlic clove 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil basil salt Tools: 2 pans kitchen paper Method: Let’s begin by washing the aubergines and drying them. Cut off the tops and bottoms and quarter the eggplant, trim off the seedy...

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Pumpkin Risotto with Rosemary

Prep: 10min Cooking: 18 - 20min depending on the rice Serves: 2 Difficulty: easy Here one of my mum’s favourite dishes to cook for the family. I can still see myself coming back from school and smelling the pumpkin from the stairs. It’s very hearty and perfect for this cold weather.  Mamma Flora’s Tip: Use Carnaroli rice for making risotto, its grains are higher in starch content resulting in a creamy consistency and a firmer texture. Don’t be afraid of the stirring, feel the rice and take care of it. Stirring is essential, it knocks the grains of rice together, which lose the starch making the texture silkier.  Ingredients:  For the risotto 250g pumpkin 190g carnaroli rice 50g butter (to use before and after) 2...

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Pasta with Lobsters and Lemon Zest

Serves: 4 Prep: 5min Cooking: 20min Difficulty: easy This recipe is a winner! Whenever you have a great occasion to celebrate with your family and friends, this recipe will make them fall in love with your cooking. I have learnt this recipe from my dad, every New Year’s Eve he would cook pasta with this amazing Lobster sauce. Below his not so secret anymore recipe. Mamma Flora’s Tip: Use pasta coming from Gragnano, it’s more porous and it stays al dente. Ingredients: 500g pasta (use paccheri or linguine) 400g cherry tomatoes 2 lobsters Tails Unwaxed lemon Garlic Dry chili 1/2 glass of white wine Extra virgin olive oil Salt and pepper Tools: 1 pan with lid 1 pot scissors Method: Wash and cut the cherry...

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Pasta alla Puttanesca: Mamma Flora’s Favourite Sauce

Cooking: 30min Serves: 4 Difficulty: easy When I was studying abroad my mum prepared for me and my friends her favourite sauce placing it in vacuum jars. We literally used to stock hundreds of jar and after a busy day at uni or at work we would eat a tasty Italian pasta with her sauce. That's her way to still share her love for food even if we don't eat at the same table. Mamma Flora’s Tip: olives and capers are essential in this recipe, make sure they taste very good. I usually use the black gaeta olives, try to find them at your Italian deli, otherwise there are some greek ones, the kalamata which might do the job. Ingredients: 500gr pasta, rigatoni or...

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"Easy Peasy" Peas with Spring Onion and Bacon

Cooking: 45min Serves: 4 Difficulty: easy This is the perfect side as it's very quick to make and everyone of the family loves it. The bacon adds a little cheekiness to it but if you are vegetarian try without it, tasty as well. Mamma Flora’s Tip: If you find the pancetta (Italian bacon) even better as it’s more spicy, otherwise the streaky bacon you find at the supermarket is fine as well. Ingredients: 500gr frozen peas 3 spring onions 100gr bacon or pancetta 3 table spoons extra virgin olive oil Method: Cut the spring onions and the bacon in small pieces Pour the olive oil in a medium size pot and add the onions and the pancetta you have already cut Gently fry, when...

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