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Quick Easy Fish Dinner

Serves: 2 Cooking: 15min Difficulty: easy This recipe gives a nice fragrant taste to a fish dinner and is perfect for the people that don't particularly like to eat fish but would yet like to include it in their meal plan.  Ingredients: Fish (sea bream or sea bass) Salt Pepper Rosemary Olive oil Lemon zest thyme Tools: 1 tray 1 pot Method: When talking about fish it is important that the first cardinal rule of success is fresh ingredients. For this specific platter, I suggest using a bluefish (Pesce Azzurro) which is a fish rich in Omega 3 and unsaturated fats, which is good for growth and cells reparations.   Turn on the oven at a heat of 180 degrees. Firstly, place...

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Spaghetti con le vongole

Prep: 30min Serves: 4 Difficulty: Medium Nowhere else you will find a better spaghetti with clams than on the Amalfi Coast. It is a must, it is a certainty, it is one of our signature dishes. I learned this recipe from my mum when I was a child, but the most important thing are the ingredients. Fresh clams and fragrant ruby red tomatoes are essential. Mamma Flora’s Tip: The quality of the spaghetti is very important, try our MAMMA FLORA spaghetti. We use only unrefined Italian semolina, made with bronze dies and they are slowly dried at low temperature. Finish the cooking of the spaghetti in the sauce for extra flavour. Ingredients: 400g MAMMA FLORA spaghetti (buy it online or check...

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Fish in Crazy Water

Preparation: 30min Serves: 2 Difficulty: easy   Pesce all’acqua pazza - Fish in crazy water, how crazy is this name in itself? This is a very simple and easy way of cooking a delicious juicy fish. Many people are afraid of cooking fish but I promise this recipe will solve all your problems! Mamma Flora’s Tip: Choose a white fish you like, I personally love seabream. If you go to the fish shop ask for a fish coming from open sea, as the flesh is tastier than a farmed one. Make sure the fish is already clean. Ingredients: 500gr sea bream 5 cherry tomatoes 1 clove garlic in small pieces 1 table spoon and ½ of  extra virgin olive oil a handful of parsley a...

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Summer is here! Spelt salad with tuna

Prep: 15min Serves: 2 Difficulty: easy Last week I was at home in Vico and my mum prepared this delicious spelt salad that we took to the beach for lunch. I thought of sharing this recipe with you as it’s very fresh and tasty and it’s perfect for picnics or to bring to work on these hot days. I hope you enjoy it! Mamma Flora’s tip: you can store the leftovers in the fridge and eat it during the week. Use tuna fillets in olive oil as it tastes better than other oils Ingredients: 100gr spelt (you can buy the quick cook) 50gr rocket 5 cherry tomatoes 4 tuna fillets in olive oil 2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil one unwaxed lemon salt...

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Fregola risotto, a recipe by Chef Michel Roux

Serves: 2 Prep: 40min Difficulty: medium So last week something beautiful happened, I had the occasion to see the world famous Chef Michel Roux, yes that Michel Roux of Le Gavroche in London, at work. He was giving a cooking lesson, there was a huge crowd of people willing to catch his secrets but I managed to squeeze myself in and reach the pole position. He started with an Italian recipe, I felt thrilled! It has been an amazing lesson, very interactive and funny. I love meeting people with a special light in their eyes, people that love what they do, Michel Roux is one of them. After the lesson, I ran to him, I introduced myself and I asked...

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