Fish in Crazy Water

Preparation: 30min

Serves: 2

Difficulty: easy  

Pesce all’acqua pazza - Fish in crazy water, how crazy is this name in itself?

This is a very simple and easy way of cooking a delicious juicy fish. Many people are afraid of cooking fish but I promise this recipe will solve all your problems!

Mamma Flora’s Tip: Choose a white fish you like, I personally love seabream. If you go to the fish shop ask for a fish coming from open sea, as the flesh is tastier than a farmed one. Make sure the fish is already clean.


  • 500gr sea bream

  • 5 cherry tomatoes

  • 1 clove garlic in small pieces

  • 1 table spoon and ½ of  extra virgin olive oil

  • a handful of parsley

  • a slice of lemon

  • salt


I suggest you read the section below "How to carve a fish" before starting so that once the fish is ready you know what to do and you serve the fish nice and warm

  • Let’s start by preparing the fish, in the belly place two small pieces of the garlic, one slice of lemon and fresh parsley
  • Salt the fish on the skin and place it in a pan with 100ml of cold water and the olive oil
  • Cut the cherry tomatoes and add them in the pan with more parsley and the rest of the garlic
  • Cover and cook at low-medium heat for 25min
  • Check it from time to time and don’t be afraid of removing a little of the skin in order to do so. Make sure it's not dry but nice and juicy
  • You understand that it's ready when it is not anymore pink and gelatinous near the bones but it has still some liquid coming out from the flesh
  • Once it’s ready, pour the liquid sauce formed in the pan with the cherry tomatoes on top
  • Serve it with a fresh salad as a side

How to carve a fish:

When I was a child I loved looking at my father carving the fish he carefully cooked. I guess I learnt from him just looking how he was doing. It seems challenging but it's actually an easier job than thought. Let's start:

  • Set the fish on a plate, let’s start carving the fillet that’s on top. Chose the tools you want: a spoon and a fork or a knife if preferred
  • Take the spoon and pull the bones from the dorsal first and then the belly. Take the skin off and you will find a beautiful and juicy fish fillet.
  • Work on the sense of the length of the fillet and separate the fillet from the head and the tail with the help of a knife

  • Separate the top fillet in two, along the sense of the spine

  • With the help of a cake slice (wide enough) lift the first half fillet from the the spine, you may want to do it bit by bit until it’s completely detached from the spine and then place it in a clean dish. Do the same with the other half

  • You are left with the bone cage and the other fillet underneath the spine. First let’s remove the bone cage. Lift the tail and gently lift bit by bit the spine and the head, place it in a plate and don’t throw it away for the moment

  • You are left with the fillet on the bottom, check for unremoved bones and pull them with the help of the spoon. Pull the fillet from its skin and place it in the plate next to the other one

  • In the head there is the tastiest meat, in the cheeks, scoop it with the spoon

  • It seems quite lot of work but it will come very easy as soon as you carve the fish more often

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