Our story

Welcome to Mamma Flora

My name is Maria and I live in London. I started Mamma Flora in 2017 and it was a dream come true. After years in a corporate job and a backpacking adventure in India I finally understood that we all need to do what we most like in life, what makes us happy. For me the answer was always there, although I couldn't see it: Food.

I grew up in a small village by the sea in Southern Italy near Naples. Good food has been an essential part of my life since I can think. From my great-grandmother to my mum, we have always used the freshest, most delicious local ingredients to cook simple but incredibly tasty dishes. 

My mum is called "Flora". During my many years abroad kept me and my friends feeling close to home; feeding us so many of her real Italian delicacies that she became everybody's "Mamma Flora". Now it's my turn to share the love of simple good food with all of you.

That's why you will only find the best, freshest, most natural and authentic products at Mammaflora. Check out our shop and the many recipes from my family. They are very quick and simple. I hope you enjoy this journey and I hope that I can share with you all the happiness we have found in food.


Ps: To get in touch with me about the products, retail opportunities, ideas or any feedback or questions, simply drop me an email at maria@mammaflora.com

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