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Eliche Pasta with creamy Red chicory sauce and roasted walnuts

Serves: 2 Cooking: 30-45 min Difficulty: easy uniqueness of this dish lies in the seasonal ingredients: red chicory. We smooth this slightly bitter veggie with creamy taleggio cheese, and we add some earthiness by using roasted walnuts. Ingredients: 200g MAMMA FLORA Eliche 3 spring onions 1 medium red chicory  100g Taleggio 50g Walnuts Olive Oil Thyme Salt Tools: Blender 1 Pots 1 Pan Method:   Bring to boil a pot with 2 litres of salted water, then add the Eliche pasta and let it cook till al dente.  In the meantime cut the spring onions and red chicory in small pieces and wash it. Gently, heat the oil in a pan with the spring onions and after two minutes add the chicory. Let...

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Succulent aubergine rolls with mini mozzarella and ham

Serves: 2 Cooking: 20 min Difficulty: easy   Its a very easy recipe, and it can be also served cold, so it can be prepared in advance too. The mozzarella gives the dish a fresh flavour.  Ingredients: 10 mini mozzarella 10 cherry tomatoes 200g Prosciutto Cotto 1 Aubergine  Extra Vergin Olive Oil Basil Salt Tools: 1 grid grill pan 1 plate Method:   To prepare the aubergine rolls, first, wash and dry the aubergine, then cut along the longest side in thin slices. If you wish, you can dab the aubergine slices with some absorbent paper to remove excess vegetation liquid. Place the aubergine slices on a hot grid grill pan and cook at a low medium heat for 10...

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Valentine's Day Chocolate Pudding

Serves: 4 cakes Prep: 15min Difficulty: easy This recipe is a must for St Valentine. Chocolate is the king ingredient and its richness will conquer the heart of the person you love Mamma Flora tip: If you like extra richness, put a small piece of dark chocolate in the middle of the pudding muds with the mixture just before baking Ingredients: 150g Dark chocolate 80g Butter (+ some more to butter the moulds) 20g Flours 10g Unsweetened cocoa powder (+some more to coat the moulds) 2 eggs 1 yolk 90g icing sugar Tools: 2 bowls 1 pot Electric whisk sieve 4 Pudding Moulds Silicone spatula Method: Pre-heat the oven at 180 Put the chocolate in a heatproof bowl, set over,...

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Quick Easy Fish Dinner

Serves: 2 Cooking: 15min Difficulty: easy This recipe gives a nice fragrant taste to a fish dinner and is perfect for the people that don't particularly like to eat fish but would yet like to include it in their meal plan.  Ingredients: Fish (sea bream or sea bass) Salt Pepper Rosemary Olive oil Lemon zest thyme Tools: 1 tray 1 pot Method: When talking about fish it is important that the first cardinal rule of success is fresh ingredients. For this specific platter, I suggest using a bluefish (Pesce Azzurro) which is a fish rich in Omega 3 and unsaturated fats, which is good for growth and cells reparations.   Turn on the oven at a heat of 180 degrees. Firstly, place...

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Antipasto Polenta Sticks

Serves: 6  Cooking: 15min Difficulty: easy This recipe is quick and delicious for these winter days. It combines together seasonal ingredients into a mouthwatering traditional Piedmontese polenta dish. Ingredients: 1 jar MAMMA FLORA sundried tomato pesto 1 sachet of instant polenta  Salt Pepper Rosemary Olive Oil Parmesan Tools: 1 pan 1 pot Baking Tray  Knife Method:   Firstly, make the polenta as per instructions depending on whether its instantaneous or not. Once the polenta is almost cooked add a bit of salt, pepper, parmesan and rosemary to give it an earthy flavour. Then, pour the hot polenta on a tray, and let it cool down. Once the dense polenta is cool cut it in stick looking shapes, preferably with a width...

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