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Bruschetta with MAMMA FLORA Red Tomato Sauce, Parmesan & Asparagus

Serves: 2Prep: 5minCooking: 5min Try our Tomato Sauce and Asparagus Bruschetta! Ingredients: 185g MAMMA FLORA Red Tomato Sauce  1 Loaf of Bread  10 Asparagus Parmesan Extra Vergin Olive Oil Pepper Salt Tools: 1 Pot 1 Grill/Flat Pan Method: Begin by boiling the 10 asparagus, for 5 min, till soft. Ensure that the water is slightly salted to give the asparagus that twist of a taste.  Simultaneously warm up a pan/grill on medium-high fire, and once it's hot place slices of bread on it, preferably they should be about two fingers in height if you wish the best results.  Let the bread slices warm and occasionally turn them on each side till they are crispy or a brown tint, meaning they are...

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Mushroom & Sausage Gluten Free Pasta

Serves: 2 Prep: 15 min Cooking: 25 min Have you ever found yourself with the troubles of putting together a meal with many leftovers and only limited time at hand? Well, I certainly have and I always tend to go about it by using some variation of this recipe.Mamma Flora’s Tip: Try our Gluten Free Pasta, it taste the same as our artisan pasta and it stays al dente! Ingredients 200g MAMMA FLORA Gnocchetti Sardi Shiitake Mushrooms 2-3 Pieces of sausage Onion Salt Pepper Parsley   Olive Oil Tools: 1 Pot 1 Pan Method: Firstly set the pot filled with water on the stove, and bring to boil, salt the water once the water is boiling and cook the MAMMA FLORA Gnocchetti Sardi pasta...

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Aubergine Pasta A Scrumptious Delight!

  Serves: 4 Prep: 10min Cooking: 30min   This is a very typical Italian family dish when the aubergines are in season, perfectly accompanied by a mozzarella salad starter. Enjoyed both by children and adults because of its fragrant smell and unique taste. Prepare it for your family for a Sunday meal: I know they'll love it too! Ingredients 400g MAMMA FLORA Mezzi Paccheri 300 gr of cherry tomatoes or 2 jars of MAMMA FLORA handmade tomato sauce 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil 1 aubergine 1 1/2 cup of frying oil 1 garlic clove basil salt Tools: 1 Pot 2 Pans Kitchen paper Method: Let’s begin by washing the aubergines and drying them. Cut off the tops and bottoms and quarter the eggplant,...

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Heart Shaped Shrimp Skewers

Serves: 6 Preparation: 50 min Cooking: 15 min Difficulty: medium An exquisite taste in just a few minutes! Tools: Toothpicks Pan Ingredients 10 king prawns Cherry tomatoes Salad Extra Vergin Olive oil Lemon Slat Method:  Peal the king prawns but leave the tail on, and with two toothpicks try to get the shape of a heart, MAMMA FLORA suggests tousing the half cherry tomato to help get the shape. Then in a pan drizzle, some olive oil and once the pan is hot; place the prawns on stick in the pan and fry for 2 minutes or until the fish turns a golden colour.  Add spices or simply a little bit of salt and pepper and then cook for another minute. After...

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A Lady Kiss

Serves: 6 Preparation: 50 min Cooking: 25 min Difficulty: medium A "kiss" recipe! What a perfect recipe for Valentines: it could not be otherwise for these little sweets, the Baci di Dama. So-called because the two halves of biscuit are held together by a veil of chocolate. Enjoy this recipe with your loved ones; a special kiss for a special someone... Ingredients (for about 35 pieces) 150g Almond Flour 150g Flour 150g Cold butter in small pieces 120g Sugar 15g Yolks (about 1 of an average egg) 3g Coarse salt 150g Dark chocolate Tools: Baking Tray Bowl   Method: To prepare the Baci di Dama, start working all the ingredients in a bowl: pour the flour, the almond flour, the sugar...

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