Eliche Pasta with creamy Red chicory sauce and roasted walnuts

Serves: 2

Cooking: 30-45 min

Difficulty: easy uniqueness

of this dish lies in the seasonal ingredients: red chicory. We smooth this slightly bitter veggie with creamy taleggio cheese, and we add some earthiness by using roasted walnuts.


  • 200g MAMMA FLORA Eliche
  • 3 spring onions
  • 1 medium red chicory 
  • 100g Taleggio
  • 50g Walnuts
  • Olive Oil
  • Thyme
  • Salt


  • Blender
  • 1 Pots
  • 1 Pan


  • Bring to boil a pot with 2 litres of salted water, then add the Eliche pasta and let it cook till al dente. 
  • In the meantime cut the spring onions and red chicory in small pieces and wash it.
  • Gently, heat the oil in a pan with the spring onions and after two minutes add the chicory. Let brown a couple of minutes, then stretch the mixture with ½ a glass of pasta cooking water and add salt, then let continue cooking for about 10 minutes or until it is soft. Remember not to let it become dry.
  • Transfer the content from the pan to a blender, and add the taleggio cheese. At medium velocity blend the ingredients, once the consistency of the mixture is smooth, add a little seasoning to adjust the taste to your liking. If the sauce is too dense add some additional pasta cooking water. 
  • In the meantime heat a pan on a medium fire, and once hot add the walnuts cut or crunched into smaller pieces, once they are brown they are ready. 
  • Then directly pour the sauce in the pan with the walnuts and drain the pasta directly in the pan. Mix all together and add some fresh thyme. 

MAMMA FLORA suggests adding thyme leaves and walnuts, to further enrich the taste of the sauce, remember to stir to flavour and serve hot!

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