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Pastiera, a sensational wheat tart

Preparation: 3hs (if you use uncooked wheat than you need to soak it in cold water for 8hs before starting with the recipe) Quantity: 3 Tarts Difficulty: difficult but rewarding There is no Easter Sunday without Pastiera in my family and be aware not only one but several! Yes, you might think we are crazy but every family prepares many tarts in one afternoon and exchanges them as a gift for Easter. And every year invariably a pastiera contest takes place. Someone has to do the hard job to taste them all, I gladly volunteer. Pastiera nowadays symbolises Resurrection, but literally it means Pasta di Ieri, Pasta of yesterday. In ancient times they use to make it adding to the pasta some ricotta,...

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Baked Sicilian Pasta

Preparation: 40min Cooking: 20min Serves: 5 people Difficulty: medium In Naples we have always been open to different cultures, from Spanish to French passing through Africa but also to our neighbouring regions. This reflects on our culinary tradition: taking inspiration from others, making the recipes our own. This happened when Neapolitan people met Pasta alla Norma, typical meal from Sicily and instead of topping it with ricotta we thought of adding pieces of sumptuous mozzarella. Below the recipe of Pasta alla Siciliana. Mamma Flora’s Tip: choose the aubergines carefully, not too watery nor too many seeds. When you fry them, don’t be scared to use a good amount of oil to fry, the aubergines will not be soaked if you follow the steps below. Ingredients: 500gr rigatoni...

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