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Linguine with Pumpkin Pesto and Toasted Pistachio

Serves: 2 Cooking: 15min Difficulty: easy Many of you have asked me to show some of my favourite recipes with the Mamma Flora new natural pesti. So here one with the Pumpkin Pesto. It's very quick but seriously taste. More ideas on how to use the new pesti coming! Ingredients: Linguine or spaghetti 200g  Mamma Flora Pumpkin Pesto a handful of shelled pistachio Extra virgin olive oil Salt Method: Cook the pasta in enough boiling water and salt it In the meantime in a pan toast the pistachio for 3-4 min (make sure they don't burn) then crushed them in small-medium pieces When the pasta is al dente, before draining, put aside some cooking water. Drain the pasta In a bowl, add the...

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Rewarding Home Made Ravioli

Preparation: 2h (take your time to enjoy this beautiful moment) To use: after 1 day Serves: 6 people Difficulty: difficult but rewarding! I say rewarding because it's amazing when you spend few hours in the kitchen and then you feel you have made something beautiful and tasty that your favourite people will love to try. That's how I felt when I make ravioli! Rewarded for the effort! This recipe comes from my friend Maria Chiara's grandmother who thought her how to make them when she got married. Sharing recipes is a passion! Mamma Flora’s Tip: You can freeze the raw raviolis, when you want to cook them again just place them in boiling water while still frozen and cook as per below. Ingredients: For the...

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The One and Only Caprese Cake

Preparation: 20min Cooking: 50min Serves: 8-10 people Difficulty: medium When my brother and I were kids my mum's present for our birthdays was the Caprese cake. She would make it the night before and I would help her in the making, eating the chocolate from the pot and adding the almonds. It's our tradition and it's her way to show us love. Happy birthday mum, I wish I could be there to prepare it for you... Mamma Flora's Tip: When my mum makes this divine cake she always prepares two. One for us and the other to send to friends and family. They love it! This cake should remain moist inside, so check your oven, you might need less cooking time or a lower temperature...

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Scrumptious Tiramisù No Cream Needed

Prep: 15min but serve after 2hs Serves: 8 people Difficulty: easy Tiramisù in my family has no season, it’s always a good time to make or eat one. It is something so good that means lift me up, it doesn’t take lot of time and makes everyone happy. Coffee has a very important role in this dessert and because we are from Naples we like our coffee pretty strong in the Tiramisù as well. Get your moka on the stove and be ready to be lifted up with my uncle Emilio’s delicious recipe without cream. Mamma Flora’s Tip: Leave the Tiramisù at least 2 hours in the fridge before serving, but if you want to serve a spectacular Tiramisù, make sure you prepare it the day before...

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Asparagus Season, A Silky Risotto

Prep: 10min Cooking: 18 - 20min depending on the rice Serves: 2 Difficulty: medium On Sunday I went to the Farmer’s market here in Angel and I found some beautiful British Asparagus, I bought them and I called my mum right away to refresh my memory on the risotto with asparagus she makes, no butter needed! Mamma Flora’s Tip: Use Carnaroli rice for making risotto, its grains are higher in starch content resulting in a creamy consistency and a firmer texture. Don’t be afraid of the stirring, feel the rice and take care of it. Stirring is essential, it knocks the grains of rice together, which lose the starch making the texture slikier. Ingredients: 16 asparagus 6 fists of rice 4 extra virgin olive oil...

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