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Summer Rice Salad

Serves: 2 Prep: 20min Difficulty: easy For me this is The summer dish. My mum would prepare it in the early morning, make it rest in the fridge until noon and serve it for lunch. Perfect to take to the beach or picnics and share it with your friends! Mamma Flora’s Tip: Use a special rice for salad, the only Italian one I find in London is the brand Riso Gallo “riso per insalate”, you can find in some Waitrose or Italian Delis. The reason why I use this type of rice is because the grains stay al dente and well detached. Add something fresh to the rice either some celery or green chili or some cubes of raw courgette. Ingredients: 200gr rice for...

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Zia Tata's Lemon Tart

Serves: 10people Cooking: 50-60min (Allow 4 hours for pastry to rest in the fridge) Difficulty: medium If the Caprese cake is my mum’s signature cake for our birthdays, this mouthwatering lemon tart is my aunt Tata’s. Legend has it that this recipe was passed on from my uncle who lives in London to my aunt, but since I was a kid this has been her cake This cake requires some patience, but the result is just delicious so let’s bake! Mamma Flora’s Tip: The oven temperature might be adjusted depending on your oven. If yours is “weak”, you might need to cook the tart for longer Prepare the cake the day before for maximum deliciousness Ingredients: Pastry: 250gr flour 200gr butter 100gr icing sugar...

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15min Carbonara

Serves: 1 Prep: 5min Cooking:10min Difficulty: easy Whenever I feel very hungry and have no time for cooking, carbonara comes in handy. It takes 10-15min to prepare and you have a scrumptious filling meal. The origin of this dish is obscure, we know it’s a typical meal from Rome and that there is no mention before the Second World War. However the theories of its origins are many, some say it is was the main meal of the charcoal workers, carbonari in Italian, others say that it was a tribute to a secret Italian society called i Carbonari. The theory I prefer the most, is linked to the American liberation of Rome in 1944, the young soldiers added their daily ration of eggs to an already existing...

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Romano Peppers, a perfect side

Serves: 4 Cooking: 40min Difficulty: easy This recipe will make you fall in love with peppers, it’s so easy to prepare and the result is mouthwatering Mamma Flora’s Tip: for a nice variation add some olives, capers and few slices of garlic Ingredients: 6 Romano peppers (or 3-4 peppers) Parsley 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil Lime Salt Tools: Baking paper Baking tray Method: Preheat the oven at 180°C Put the baking paper on the baking tray Wash the peppers and place on baking tray Cook for 40min, take out of the oven and leave to cool Once cooled, peel the skin of the peppers with your hands and remove the seeds then place them in a dish Cut the peppers in strips, add...

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Chocolate and Coconut balls

Serves: circa 100 small balls Prep: 20min (allow 2hs to cool in the fridge) Difficulty: super easy I guess this recipe is my Proust’s madeleine, one bite of these delicious chocolate and coconut balls and I am back in time, in another kitchen, on a footstool with my hands covered with coconut flour, next to my mum Mamma Flora’s Tip: if you have a party, make double the amount, they will go very quickly! Ingredients: 200gr amaretti 150gr almonds 125gr margarine 100gr milk biscuits 50gr butter 2 ½ tbs sugar 3 tbs coconut flour 2 tbs cacao powder 1 espresso cup of coffee 1 shot of sweet liqueur (I use limoncello) 1 egg Tools: 1 small pot 1 big bowl Food processor Method: Melt...

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